Coloana Sonoră The Handmaiden

Published on iulie 9, 2017 by ColoaneSonore

Coloana sonoră a filmului The Handmaiden.

Ordinea este următoarea:

00:00 The Tree from Mount Fuji
02:28 Old Scars and Fresh Pink Wounds
03:44 The Duchess Juliette
05:27 My Name is Nam Sookee
06:39 A Western-style Wing Designed by an English Architect
08:06 You are My Baby Miss
09:19 Each Night in Bed I Think of Her Assets
10:43 She’s Beautiful, Quite the Charmer
12:40 Spellbindingly Beautiful
14:01 Rope and Mustache
15:02 It was Wrong to Come Here
16:32 Bounds of Knowledge
17:09 Losing Her Heart to a Fake
18:29 The Sweet Things Within
19:33 Feels Just Fine
22:41 Wedding
27:40 Shall We Play Maid?
28:41 A Week Here… Then Finally!
29:45 Wish I Had Never Been Born
30:52 Let Me Tell You About Our Miss Hideko
32:23 I was Going a Bit Crazy Back Then
33:50 What’s with Her?
35:45 Don’t You Ever Think of Running
36:58 She’s Totally Illiterate
38:11 You Must Be a Natural
41:33 The Song at the End of the Century
42:21 Thousand Woes Under the Blue Sky
43:18 My Tamako, My Sookee
46:50 Fire!
48:05 Three White Cigarettes
49:30 The Greatest Pleasure
51:58 Five Books That I Used to Cherish
54:15 Sea of Bells
56:37 The Footsteps of My Dear Love

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